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Website design in today’s highly competitive market is the most important need to enter the world of online business. A website is like an online business card for introducing your business, and building a website will acquaint users with the scope of your services and, most importantly, the thesis. It is important to implement these services in principle, considering the identity of the brand and considering the best user experience on the site or web application. Internet users are expanding day by day, and business owners are smartly exposing themselves to a large number of visitors by designing a professional site. On the other hand, the web application makes it easier for the business to interact with the user. After a while, the web application can provide the business owner with the information obtained from the users with better analysis and review, and with the possibility of using them offline to target specific customers. 

Building A Website Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Graphic design is more important today than ever before. With the growth of the Internet and cyberspace, online presence is not a possibility but a necessity.

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In today’s digital disclosure, brands have very little opportunity to be seen. In fact, either your brand attracts the audience at first glance or it loses its chance to competitors. Attractive logo design, visual identity and posters are important parts of an effective marketing plan.

Get the best results by outsourcing your graphic design projects to professional graphic designers in ZiaDev. 

For many people, the term graphic design evokes an attractive field or occupation full of creativity and color. Of course, this definition and association is not far from the expectation and reality of this field. But if we want to look more closely, we can say that graphic design is the art of creating visual content to communicate with the audience.

Social Media Management

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Audience Analytics

Determine the future of your online business better by analyzing its past.

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How can you decide on your future plans of your business? What specific reliable strategy do you have for success? Fortunately, there is a way to be sure. With the advent of the digital age, powerful analytics tools have been created that allow you to closely monitor the digital status of your brand and provide better customer service. We can accompany you with using tools and better analysis of your website.

Get to know your audience
Find the answers to these questions: Who is your audience? Where, why and when did they come to your site?

Improve your website
With the help of analytics statistics, you can easily find the problems and shortcomings of your site and fix them.

Identify the best marketing methods
Analytics will show you which advertising and marketing methods generate the most sales for you.

Website Development

Our team is ready to combine their experience and skills with your tastes and needs and create a website that suits your brand.

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Designing a beautiful website
We humans love beauty and order. An attractive website will have a tremendous impact on your audience.

Designing a functional website
If your website is not easy to use, even a great visual design will not help you much.

Designing a website with an identity
Your website must have an identity. Your web design should reflect the beliefs and values of your business.

Our Web Design Features:

Your website will adapt to the size of the page. This means that if the user visits it with any device, your website will still be displayed correctly.

SEO optimized
All SEO standards (search engine optimization) are observed in your website and can easily get high rankings in Google.

Control Panel
You can easily manage your website.

High Loading Speed
Your website will load for the audience in a few seconds.

All security points are observed while designing your website.


Email & Online Marketing

If you do not have an ad, how should customers know you? Advertising is a good and quick way to increase sales at the moment. In addition, the right advertising will make your brand known and in the future you can see its direct impact on sales.

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Social Media Marketing
Connect with customers through their favorite social media!
Social media networks have become part of the daily lives of many of us. Through these networks, we follow the news of the day, read our favorite content and keep in touch with our friends. So these networks can create a good opportunity for brands to engrave their name in the minds of users and establish a friendly relationship with them. Your ad on these networks can have a significant impact on your revenue.

Email Marketing and Advertising
Email is a communication tool that was introduced from the beginning of the Internet and has been able to maintain its position among us. Most people are constantly checking their emails. So it is just enough that your email can attract their attention and they may need your products / services. We can accompany you in sending your bulk promotional emails to customers.


Search Engine Optimization

The biggest inbound channel to your website is search. So SEO and website optimization play a key role in increasing targeted and relevant traffic. Of course, the first condition to reach the top of Google is a principled planning and a professional SEO strategy.

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Increase organic site traffic
With principled SEO, over time, search engines will give you more credibility and your site traffic will increase quite organically and steadily.

Access to real customers
You are directing people to your site who are really looking for your products and services and are trying to meet their needs through search.

Lasting Impact
Once your site ranks in search results, it will not easily return to its previous state. This means you will have new customers from Google every day, effortlessly and at no cost.

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